Mission and goal

In times of rapid technological development, globalization, information revolution and educational reforms, we try and are ready to meet by embracing the changes and emerging conditions as a chalenge, fighting for our position and affirmation with the achievement of new  applicable knowledge, quality, innovation and utilizing all internal potentials within the school.

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The teaching process today is held in one two-floor building where both theoretical and practical lectures are conducted. The teaching process is in two shifts, morning and afternoon shift.

Shifts change every four weeks. The morning shift starts at 7a.m. and the afternoon shift starts at 1p.m.


In the school there are 16 classrooms with a computer for every student, internet and informatics, biology, chemistry, phisics and art labaratories, all  with computers and basic teaching matherials. There is a separate room with a computer, DVD, TV, LCD projector, upright piano and a facility used for different presentations, lectures, workshops, meetings and art and culture manifestations.


The High School also has a library with about 10000 books for both students and teachers. In the library there is a computer with Internet, too.


For full security of both students and teachers the school is completely equipped with video surveilance. There is modern technology such as a big LCD TV and a DVD in the school hall and LCD projectors for different projects, presentations, announcements and video advertisments.



The High School has a large sports hall with all the neceessary equipment for different sports. There are also two changing rooms for the studens, boys' and girls' with toilets, showers and sinks. There are several sports grounds: handball, basketball and tennis court, football pitch and mini football pitch with artificial grass. There is also a large school yard that is constantly maintained to make it look better.


There are separate offices for the administrating section: Head Master, Secretary, teachers,  pedagogue,
psychologist and separate offices for foreign languages teachers, Macedonian language and literature teachers  natural sciences teachers and humanitarian sciences teachers with computers, printers, Internet and professional literature.


66 employes – teachers, profesional associates, administrating and teaching personnel. All the employees have appropriate education according to the legal regulations for realisation of the pedagogical and educatioonal process.


Because the students are the most important subject in any educational institution efforts are constantly being made to:

l  Include all the students in the teaching and non-teaching activities, no matter of their sex or their ethnicity;

l  Identify the individual needs and dificulties that students have and undertake activities for their overccoming.

l  Supply safe and nice study and work atmosphere, as well as  protection due to students' sex or ethnicity;

l  Follow the students movement, writing out of the school, cause analysis and undertake diffrent precotion measurements on time.

In the school year 2009/20010 in the SMS High School „Dobri Daskalov“ there are 941 students, 321 boys and 620 girls, in 28 different classes. According to the changes of the Secondary Education Law students will enroll without any payments, and free bus tickets and acomodation in a boarding school will be supplied. Students that accomplish certain results in competitions and other manifestations are rewarded with trips, art happenings, books etc. All this is to improve the students results, the behaviour and regular attendance.
There are students and teachers on duty in the school hall every day according to a previously prepared plan and timetable. The information about all that happens in the school is on meetings, announcements, written materials, announcement boards for students, teachers and parents, leaflets, taking part in talk shows, presentations on LCD projectors and an LCD TV...

In the school there is also a school comunity that works according to a previously prepared programe. In their meetings they discuss different issues conected to the life and pedagogical and educational process in the school. In order to achive better success every teacher as an indivudual tries to increase the student's motivation – both inner and outer.


Managing and professional bodies

Managing bodies are:

l  Head Master

l  School Board

l  Parents' Council

Professional bodies in the school are:

l  Teachers' Council

l  Council of the year

l  Class Council

l  Class administrating teacher

l  Professional teams of teachers in every school subject

All the managing and professional bodies try to be completely included in the teaching and pedagogical process to achieve better results.

In the school there is also a professional menaging body that consists of pedagogue and psychologist that has a big role in increasing the quality of the teaching process, as well as overcoming different problems both in the school and out of it.

Professional devlopment of the teacher, cooperants and the other members of the school staff

In the last few years, training seminars for professional development of the teachers and the other members of the staff, have been continually organised. We will mention only few of them, for example: „Active Teaching Methods“; „Improving Assesment in Schools“; :Planning and Assesment According to the Modern Teaching Trends“; „The Teacher's New Role – Quality Teaching“; „Electronic Tests and Assesment“; trainings for skillful and safe use of the Internet, the use of the new operating sistem Edubuntu and lots of others. Great number of the teachers are qualified to use computers, a large number also speak foreign languages and are prepared for changes, team work, communication etc. They take part in different seminars and presentations to follow the new trends in the teaching and pedagogical process. Teachers also learn things on their own initiative using sources such as the Internet, professional literature, changing experiences with other teachers.   The „Dobri Daskalov“ High School is secondary municipal school with long and rich tradition.  During its history the school has acquired remarkable characteristics of profesionalism, success, responsibility and prosperity.







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